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At Debbie’s Café we believe in FRESH & HEALTHY. We start with the best organic direct trade coffees and loose

leave teas and the freshest meats, cheeses and market grown vegetables for our gourmet sandwiches, wraps and salads. Our desserts are the finest quality too, try our scones, muffin, cookies & cinnamon rolls baked each day and soups just the way mom would make them!

When you stop by Debbie’s make sure to check out our breakfast and lunch combos, we prepare a nice selections of sandwiches daily, in addition, our daily special is where the excitement begin as we are always dreaming up something new. Afternoon tea with friends is a nice way to laze the time away, with that been said, you MUST drop by for afternoon tea. At Debbie’s there is always something for EVERYONE, we offer a variety of Gluten Free breakfast, lunch and dessert options so everyone can enjoy something at Debbie’s!