We are introducing our lighter menu full of tasty soups, salads and, of course, our signature artisan sandwiches! Don’t forget to add a dessert to top off your main course. Try one of our new spring desserts today!

There is something about the spring weather that makes you want to come out of hibernation mode. As the weather Saladgets warmer, more local fruits and vegetables become available, and after spending more time outside, we tend to want colder and more refreshing meals. You may be wondering, how do I do that?

Instead of the soups, stews and animal proteins that warmed in the winter, try including more green leafy vegetables, salads, smoothies, raw soups and juices into your diet. This not only results in simpler meals to prepare but you may feel lighter, more rejuvenated and more energized.

Looking to Spring clean your kitchen? Here are a few tips to follow when preparing meals:

  • Clear out the starches and switch to fibre-rich options such as wholegrain fridgebread, quinoa, brown rice, and wholegrain pasta (Don’t forget the fruit & veggies that are also a good source of fibre)
  • Eating raw salads and steamed vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds will help aid the body’s natural cleansing processes.
  • Cut down on red meat, eliminate processed meats entirely and eat more vegetarian meals. Include plenty of fresh herbs and spices to aid digestion.
  • Stock up on fresh seasonal fruit and veg from your local farmers’ market and don’t forget to grab a variety of green leafy veg and fresh herbs for your salads.
  • Choose the good heart-healthy oils and dump artery-clogging trans fats. Instead, opt for quality fats that contain nourishing monounsaturated fats and omega-3s, such as olive and flaxseed, chia and hemp seed, tahini, nut oil and butter, avocado and oily fish.

Don’t forget the best way to welcome in the spring is to get out there and get social!
Hope to see you soon.